OnliFlowers delivers Full Spectrum CO² oil cartridges, allowing you to experience the unique highs different cannabis genetics have to offer. Our oil is derived from single strain origins, without any additives whatsoever. What is CO² Oil? Not all oils are created equal. CO² Oil is a full body extraction of the cannabis plant that preserves the fullest range of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. This process ensures that you receive the complete benefits of the cannabis plant, as nature intended it. Distillate products differ from what we offer and focus primarily on providing a high THC extract, with reintroduced terpenes or artificial terpenes meant to simulate a specific strain. Grand Daddy Purple: With notes of candy, grape and strawberry, Grand Daddy Purple is a powerful indica with many medicinal benefits. Grab the munchies you will need beforehand cause once you indulge, you won’t be getting up anytime soon!


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